I can take your BATTLE and turn it into a
Business and Life that is Booming.


I understand how to…

  • motivate your people by focusing on their growth potential and implement ways to inspire them to search within so that the GOLD inside of them will come forth
  • help you overcome any barrier you are facing when it comes to growth and moving forward to GREATER things
  • differentiate yourself and/or your business in an over-saturated market
  • bridge the gap between different generations and cultures

You see the sale does not begin and end with the salesperson, every aspect of the business plays a role in the success of the partnership, and if you are not careful.. a simple overlook can cause you and your business thousands or even millions of dollars. I have seen this time and time again throughout my career and it dumbfounds me on why businesses don’t see it coming? It was so obvious to me… but then I realized, maybe it’s not. Remember this important wisdom key… Personal Development = Financial Development. When this became my new reality many years ago, my LIFE changed dramatically.


Who am I and Why should you Care?
Hi there! My name is Edna Sangel and I am a Growth Strategist. The foundation of my strategies are Kingdom principles and I guarantee CLARITY, Positive Impact to your BOTTOM LINE, and always FRESH Ideas. I am known for Excellence and Integrity. I deliver results for the glory of God. I have worked with all types of organizations- start ups, emerging, established, and struggling businesses. What I have found is the biggest setback for most of them has everything to do with Wisdom when it comes to Innovation, Inspiration, Leadership, Strategy, and Stewardship. What is Wisdom? Knowledge is Information. Understanding is Comprehension. But Wisdom is Application. Until you know how to apply Kingdom principles that make life systems work for you, you will never be successful.
I have been responsible for securing over $500 million of business for employers I have worked for and clients I have coached. Ultimately, my goal is to develop and implement a solid plan that will give you a competitive edge to obtain new business, motivate and develop your team, and grow your market share. My mission is to Empower Wholeness, Truth, and Freedom in the Marketplace by Helping the Good Guys Win in their business and life.

Now, if you are interested in learning more… contact me today. I look forward to GROWING with you!