Three Types of People

During the course of my journey towards the God given dream that I am pursuing, I encountered several types of individuals:

1) Anybody that you are better than that “suck everything that you have”

2) Those like you. (Maybe they are competing in your space?) They do everything they can to discourage you, sabotage you, and maybe even mimic you (I’m okay with the third one because I enjoy giving ideas to help businesses and people grow)

3) People who inspire you and make you want to climb the mountain

The biggest challenge I see for individuals is STEWARDSHIP of our time, gifts, and knowledge. As I matured in my walk, I can discern these individuals within the first “REAL” interaction I have with them. (Yes, I give them the benefit of a doubt. I am nice like that.) It is important that we learn to see wolves in sheep’s clothing, which is where WISDOM kicks in. The enemy’s assignment is to exploit your vulnerability. And my friends, our vulnerability is IGNORANCE.

Do I have it all figured out? Absolutely NOT. But I am learning, growing, and now THRIVING, because I made a conscious decision to steward these things WISELY. You are too important to be left unguarded. Make sure every minute you use is FRUITFUL. Change agents are often the most misunderstood and targeted. So be WISE. Ask for eyes to see with DOVES eyes. Stay focused. Stay Alert. And PURSUE that thing that you know is YOURSwith every ounce of your being. Weapons will RISE, but it will NOT PROSPER.

It’s funny how life’s setbacks and challenges can bring out the LION in you.

There are only a few months left in 2018… Make it count and Finish Strong. See you at the Finish Line!