Do you want an Energetic, Dynamic, Innovative and Inspiring speaker to take your audience to higher levels of thinking and doing? Do you want a speaker who is genuine, interactive, and yet entertaining? Regardless if this is for a church function, networking event, school graduation, company gathering, or a group of individuals with a common interest, Edna is the guest speaker for you!

What makes her DIFFERENT?

  • She gets to know you, your challenges, and your audience prior to her speaking session (focus group) and CUSTOMIZES her talk to your CURRENT NEEDS and GOALS. She does not have a standardized speech/talks she shares with the masses. It is DIFFERENT every time (with the exception of her story). She believes in staying RELEVANT.
  • She encompasses Kingdom and Timeless Universal Principles in her teachings to ensure that effective knowledge and practical application is getting released.
  • She has worked across various industries and can speak from many perspectives (whether if it’s from the operations, leadership, business development, financial, client, or a vendor, she will make it apply to you).
  • She keeps things SIMPLE, and when she gets there, she makes it even SIMPLER.
  • She doesn’t hold back. Her candid approach is appealing to most and is a “breath of fresh air.” She shines light to the darkness by sharing the TRUTH in the marketplace in order for us to see POSITIVE CHANGE  in regards to our families, businesses, communities, country, and ultimately the rest of the world.

Topics can relate to Overcoming Adversity, Growth Strategies for Businesses and Organizations, Women Empowermentand Personal and Professional Development for Students or Millennials.  She has a unique way of mixing her candor, industry experience, market knowledge, practical applications, sweet personality, plus motivation to help her audiences achieve maximum results.

Topics Include:

  • How to turn your Battle into a Booming Business
  • Secrets of Connecting
  • How to go from Comfort Zone to Growth Zone
  • See it and Seize it
  • Idea Generation for New Business

Speaker Package

  • Discuss a relevant topic and deliver inspiring message that  will pertain to the current needs of your organization, event, or group
  • Speaking fee- $1200+ (special pricing for Non Profits)
  • Travel Accommodations and Expenses if needed
  • Fees must be paid in full 3 weeks prior to travel