Estherpreneur Program

Are you a young woman or know one who is interested in Entrepreneurship, Financial Competency, Wealth Creation, or Personal Development? 

Edna realized that in life you have two choices:

  1. You can exist

  2. You can truly live your calling and purpose.

What is it?

Edna created this program specifically for YOU. After spending the last 17 years in the business world and dealing with the hurdles that life sent her way, she knows that it is imperative to equip young ladies with resources and guidance to prepare them for the setbacks of entrepreneurship, financial competency, climbing the corporate ladder, and even handling the challenges of “day to day” life.

Results from the study The Class of 2030 and Life-Ready Learning – conducted in collaboration with Microsoft and McKinsey & Company’s Education Practice—reveal that the future of learning will be profoundly social, student-centric, personalized, and supported by technology. Key findings outline the knowledge and experiences students will need to be “life-ready” and not simply “work-ready.” By the time today’s kindergartners enter the workforce, activities will substantially change across most occupations and will increasingly require the application of expertise and creative problem solving, as well as collaboration, management, and the development of people.

Source: The Class of 2030 and Life-Ready Learning


  • Average Americans today work 4-5 months for the government just to cover their taxes.
  • Rich people buy luxuries last, while poor and middle class tends to buy luxuries first.
  • The rich buy assets. The poor only have expenses. The middle class buy liabilities they think are assets.
  • It is the excessive fear and self doubt that were the greatest detractors of personal genius.
  • Today wealth is information. The person who has the most timely information owns the wealth.

Estherpreneur (for Young Women only) Program:  Group Mentoring and Coaching. Sessions will be Video/Phone coaching (all sessions will be recorded). Must be between 13-18 years old. Students under 18 years old must have Parents Consent.

What to Expect?
After the Estherpreneur applies online, a committee will review her profile. The student will receive a notice that she has been accepted to the program and will be sent a Parent Consent Form if they are under 18 and an Invoice for the program. Once fee is paid, Estherpreneur will receive a questionnaire so Edna can get to know her a little better and can tailor her program to HER.



Program 1: The Foundation

This package includes 14 Virtual Group Sessions and access to Edna for questions and advice (unlimited email and phone support between sessions). Up to 12 spots per Group Session.

The purpose of this phase is to get to know the Estherpreneurs on a personal level and provide clarity on who they are, where they are now, where they want to go, and how to get there. Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Personal Development. The session will have 60-70 min interactive teaching and q&a about any topic you would like to discuss. 

Foundation Curriculum Plan

Program 2: Money Experience

Nearly 75% of high school and college students are ill-equipped to make critical financial decisions. Young women have more difficulty than young men finding work, and if they do, it is often lower paid and in the informal economy, in unprotected, low skilled jobs which leave them with higher rates of unemployments, higher risks when it comes to poverty, or tied to traditionally unpaid, family based work. 

They will have complimentary access to Money Experience, offered as part of Edna’s Intensive Financial Mindshops which offers an effective and accessible financial literacy platform that includes a web-based software application that uses a unique blend of curriculum, story, and software simulation to teach high school and college-aged students about the relationship with money and quality of life. Sessions will have a live instructor and will be engaging with them throughout the entirety of the lesson. Each graduate will have their own log in for one full year to ensure that they have a clear financial plan and their goals are attainable. Sessions are limited to 30 per group to allow effective learning. 

This program was developed by financial experts, business managers, and professional educators and based on real historical costs, incomes, interest rates, and financial metrics in the United States.  

Money Experience Curriculum

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Money Experience Flyer

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