Battle to Booming (B2B)

Let me turn your Battle into a Booming Business… 

Wouldn’t it be nice to stop competing on price, build a respected brand and know exactly what tools and tactics will help you best achieve your business goals without blowing your budget?

Innovative strategy, clarity & coaching to grow your business the right way.

As your Growth Strategist, I’ll meet with you and your team to understand your business, its challenges and the opportunities. From there I dive right in to market, employee and customer research to get a holistic view of your company. This is not a cookie cutter program. I tailor each program specifically to you, your people, and your business. Time is currency, so we will not waste any time. Based on my learning, I’ll create your Business Growth, Strategic Positioning, Vision Clarity, and Personnel Development Strategies – focused solely on achieving your goals. Then I help you execute your plans and provide ongoing training & guidance to your team.

Perfect for: 
New Entrepreneurs, Business Professionals, and Existing Businesses who want to tackle a specific area/project. 

I don’t just help provide you and your team clarity, but I equip you and your organization with simple strategies and innovative solutions for those battles. Most importantly, I get to know the REAL YOU. Your core. Your strengths, weaknesses, gifts, talents, skill sets, and edge factor. I also keep you ACCOUNTABLE. These my friends will help you become a trailblazer instead of a follower. Aren’t you tired of doing the same thing over and over again, but still get the same results? Don’t you want to create your own box instead of trying to fit in someone else’s box?

Perfect for: The Virtuous Woman who is Transition from being an Employee to being Self Employed

I have created this program specifically for Women Entrepreneurs who are striving to have a prosperous and balanced life. This is a group session with the minimum of 5 Women, and maximum of 10 Women. If you and other women would like to come together and do a group session to save some costs, this would be a perfect package for you. These programs are customized to your particular group so it’s the same for everyone. I do this because I understand that each individual is unique.

Consider this to be a very intense battle to booming boot camp. So make sure that you are committed and will put in the time and dedication you need to ensure that this program is a success. I know that your time is limited, so note that the sessions will be MEATY rather than just a bunch of fluff.

There will be a session every 3 weeks based on the group’s availability and will be done virtually (video conference). Sessions will be 90 min to encompass teaching, Q&A, and prayer if need be. Materials and Assignments will be provided to you prior to each session so we can get to the meat of the sessions right away.

Perfect for:  
1) Owners who are looking to take their company to the next level and wants a clear vision about their business model design, and where and/or how to expand and/or improve it. 
2) If you are the CEO/President or business owner of a privately-held business where strategic decisions and investments are made by a CEO, sole or majority owner, or a designated managing partners (not by a board of directors or partner committee), and Sales are generated through an in-house employee sales team, defined sales channels, or through direct outreach by your professional services leadership. 
3) Those who do not have a sales force, or they have one but they are producing mediocre results.  They have invested thousands of dollars with bringing in high end consultants or purchased self help programs and have not seen results. They have invested in a fancy website, countless marketing collateral, website lead generation tool or a call list, but haven’t found much success in growing their market share. 

Today, things have changed. The economy is in decline, expenses are rising, and you may find yourself between a rock and a hard place. You certainly didn’t plan for this to happen, but your business is struggling to keep up with the demands of your market, as well as internal and external customers. . . and the pressure is mounting. You need a fresh perspective and someone who can guide you and your team through the process of revolutionizing your world. Well my friends… its a NEW DAY! Don’t judge a book by its cover… My style is very soft in feel but aggressive in results. I value TIME which is our most valuable asset.  I love challenges and I am very knowledgeable when it comes to seeing the potential of your business, team, and untapped market.  I enjoy helping those who are truly out there making a POSITIVE difference not only to their market, their employees and their families, and the community. The more light WE SPREAD, the more darkness will flee.

The great thing about me is I do not have a cookie cutter program that is being used with the masses. I know for a fact that every business is different and caters to a special audience. The problem is businesses SOMETIMES forget the core of their business:

  • What made you successful in the first place?
  • What about your people… are you STILL investing in them?
  • Are you keeping up with your peers or are you pioneering a new movement?
  • What is the muscle of your business?
  • What hidden “deep” well have you not tapped into yet?
  • Do you have a financially healthy budget strategy?

This my friends is what you call the million dollar idea or the next hundred million dollar idea.

How would you like someone like me partnering with you, your key leaders, and training your people how to create efficiency by eliminating waste, mitigating risks, increasing profitable activities, and identifying and breaking in doors of missed opportunities the right way? The kind that will give you and your business lasting PROFITABLE BOTTOM LINE results.

**To save time: Make sure that there are clear opportunities to improve results in sales, marketing, business strategy or leadership… Budgets are set aside for investment in business growth… Revenue /profit /growth is a strategic priority you are willing to invest in this year… and You desire to grow the business on a strategic differentiation model, and not on a commodity offering or pure brokerage model.**


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