Kudos for Edna

Anonymous responses from John Maxwell Mastermind Survey

“Through this program I learned the true meaning of leadership. After, studying the 21 laws of leadership and discussing them with like-minded individuals I learned to see different aspects and factors that contribute to leadership. This training has added great value to my skill set and will be used the rest of my life.”

“Taking this course has been a great experience. I have learned about the value of gaining different perspectives and how this can influence a decision. I feel I am a better leader by taking time to listen to others.”

“Edna’s class helped reinforce why it’s important to learn self-leadership skills, live them and lead them.”

Eric Gadin, Owner, Gekko Inc

I believe it’s a truthful perspective of being a successful sales person, a must-read for that champion salesman (or woman) to hone their skills in a grueling marketplace. Forgetting the old adage “think outside the box”—now just create your own box— is brilliant!

Dean McNeely, President BlueGrace Logistics Houston II CEO and Founder LTL Freight Center LLC

Where do you start with Edna? Articulate, smart, high integrity and always has a smile. She is the best of the best. We have used her services several times for transportation and personally as a business coach. A woman of God and an asset for any company or team…

Austin Townsend, PMP, VP – Engineering

Edna is a dynamic, creative leader in business development and marketing. She is a great asset to any company. She genuinely cares about those people she encounters both in a professional and personal setting.

Kenneth J. Williams, CEO, Divine Caregivers Inc.

As an entrepreneur, I feel the Ugly Side of Sales was written specifically for me, but it’s also a must-read for college students and young adults pursuing a career in sales as well as for sales managers/ coaches. The Ugly Side of Sales comes to life because the author breathes her real life into it by telling the truth. Her in-depth perspective paints a vivid picture of the realities versus the myths. It’s life changing, riveting, motivating, encouraging, and spiritually heartfelt—it’s the truth about the truth. Sales is not for everyone; however, every idea, product, or service has to be sold. The author discusses the importance of marketing and offers advice that will help you and your business grow successfully. As a top producer in various industries, I experienced much of what is highlighted in the first chapter. Commission structures were changed after I closed major deals, accounts were taken from me or divided between me and other account executives or I was laid off shortly after I achieved or exceeded my goals. Unfortunately, I wasn’t prepared for the heartbreak or disappointment. I wish someone would have told me or taught me these valuable lessons before I went into sales or before I started my first business. Get prepared. Read this book and thank me later!

Alex Mendieta, CEO, Professional Business Management

If you’re thinking of starting your business or taking your business to the next level, you need this book! The Ugly Side of Sales is packed with insightful information, helping you to focus on what’s important to making your business dreams a reality.

Gary Phelps, Senior Vice President

Extremely focused and ready to help with customers need. Improved work streams within the Ocean Product and was a shining star with our sales and marketing solutions.

Pablo Morales, Director of Bids and Pricing

Having worked with Edna, I was astounded at the quality of work that she continually was able to put out. She is a great leader over the New Business Development team and her knowledge and understanding of the industry is impressive. She understands what has to happen for her actions and work product to translate into what is needed in our industry and she over delivers.

Mai Le, Realtor

I recently decided to change my career from being a corporate employee to owning my own business as a real estate agent. As I prayed and realized that having a career in real estate is not simply selling nor buying houses, but it’s more like leading your clients to make a wise decision that is best for them and their family. After all, selling or buying a house is one of the biggest transactions in a person’s life. So, when Edna told me that she’ll host a book discussion on John Maxwell’s book “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”, I was elated. I knew God had heard and answered my prayers by leading me to this book discussion group. I’ve heard of John Maxwell for a while now, but have never read his book. So, I was so excited when not only I’ll be reading his book, but also to be in a discussion group that was hosted by someone that had been trained under his team. Each of the chapters in the book was truly a revelation for me. Coming from a corporate background, I’ve always been an employee; so these laws were not relatable to me at all…until now. I’m so glad I got to learn theses laws as a new realtor, and I hope and pray that I will apply them to better help my clients with their real estate needs. I’ve been in several book discussions before, but I really like the ones that were led by Edna because 1) She truly was passionate about what was taught. She desired for us to learn and apply to our lives that will better help us with our business venture 2) She was so knowledgable about all the topics 3) Everyone was serious about learning and came with a heart of expectation 4) Everybody came from a different background and with different experiences, so we all can learn from each others’ mistakes 5) Edna really respected our times by started on time and ended on time. I would absolutely recommend this group discussion to any friends of mine that have a desire to learn how to be a better leader.

Keith Howard-Browne, Senior Project Manager at Wells Fargo

Edna is a consummate professional with a high-level of integrity. Her ability to build and maintain business relationships is outstanding, and is based not only on her skills as a project manager, but on the personal qualities she brings to the table. She takes immense pride in her work, and will go the extra mile to meet and maintain deadlines. I would hire Edna without hesitation if the opportunity arose.

Dana Coleman, Senior Ecommerce Developer & SEO Manager

Edna is a goal-driven business professional and natural leader. She has outstanding presentation skills and is an exceptional communicator. As a forward thinker who is always looking to improve, Edna impresses with her strategic vision and ability to see the big picture. Overall, she brings a great combination of creative strategy and well-planned execution to her team.

Daniel P. Podany, Experienced Business Owner, Senior Territory Manager and Sales Expert

I was very impressed by her business marketing knowledge and her always fresh ideas. She possesses a highly creative and innovative mind, coupled with a solid work ethic and a charming and effervescent personality. I would highly recommend Edna to any organization who wishes to increase their revenues. She is honest, hardworking and devoted.

Kelly Whitley, Entrepreneur and Logistics Manager at TAS Energy

“Edna is as organized and thoughtful as she is tenacious. She has an ability to take even the toughest challenges and overcome them with ease. Couple that with her positivity and likable personality and you have an unstoppable on your side with her.”