Kudos for Edna

Sheila M. Murraine, CEO, Prosperity Secretarial

Edna is an exceptional Business Coach. From the moment we connected to revamp my business, Edna caught sight of my vision. Her ideas are inspirational, edgy, and exactly what I have in mind. She helps you bring to reality your dreams and visions and sets you on a path of success. I highly recommend Edna Sangel of Favor and Wealth to any business or entrepreneur looking to stand out from their competition.

Greg Criss, President, Criss Consulting, LLC

I have been in business for over 5 years now, and I’ve learned that I needed to hire someone competent and dynamic; someone that could understand me, my product, and my need to be on the top of my game. Throughout those 5 years, I did many varied projects for many clients. This made my marketing strategy, well let’s say, fuzzy. As I was so happy to provide so many services to clients, I lost my vision of my core offerings and values. Edna has been exceptional in filling all those requirements. She does her research and gets to REALLY understand your business, and then she REALLY gets you to understand your business.
She has given me new direction with a clearly defined marketing concept. I am excited to see the results in the coming weeks, months, and years. She’s earned her way to be a part of my long-term team. She’ll do the same for you.

Cherein Green, Bayou Egg Rolls

When you first meet Edna she gives off a genuine aura. She is patient especially with first time business owners. She knows how to honestly answer questions and doesn’t dance around answers. Edna goes above and beyond her job by being accessible and if you contact her at a bad time, she will always reply in a timely fashion which is a plus for first timers, she is highly recommended!!

Valentina Gómez Bravo, Founder, CEO & CCO, +58 Digital Communications

Edna has been a total motivator for me and my business. After a couple of hours I felt energized, refocused and eager to start making changes to make my business and my life thrive! She’s very passionate, positive and focused, and that’s very contagious… her integrity and responsibility are reassuring to me that I am in good hands! She is so talented and professional. Her knowledge on everything related to business and personal growth has helped us grow our business the right way! I am so happy to have her on my side.. Can’t recommend her enough!

Robert Feeney, Independent Representative, Primerica Financial Services

It has been a privilege to know Edna. I appreciate her desire and passion for helping “the good guys win.” Her excitement, energy and expertise in business and personal development brings the highest level of value. She has a great testimony and a heart for others. I think she can add value to any audience. The bootcamp was very informative. I especially enjoyed the material was presented from a Biblical perspective.

Rashmi Sharma, Founder, Career Link

From the time we met Edna at the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), we were impressed by her charm, enthusiasm and enigmatic persona. As we learned what she does through her strategy consulting firm, we thought she would be an immediate fit to Career Link, a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to Job Seekers, Entrepreneurs and Innovators. We asked Edna to represent Favor and Wealth as a Key Note speaker at Career Link’s first ever speaker series, and received an immediate “YES!” with no hesitation, to dedicate her time to this noble cause. The response to her Keynote speech was overwhelmingly positive, with a majority of of 120+ attendees, furiously scribing notes. We received a lot of appreciation bringing on Edna as our keynote and for how Edna connected with the audience and really spoke to the crowd about entrepreneurship and innovation and what steps/risks one can anticipate while trying to create new and rewarding opportunities for themselves. We look forward to working and collaborating with Edna on future projects to spread. Her book, “The Ugly side of Sales” was one of the most valuable raffle giveaways our Career Link’s speaker series as quoted by one of our attendees.

Ron Hendrick, Organizer of 2nd Tuesday Networking Luncheon in Spring, TX

We recently had Edna speak at our monthly luncheon. She is a bright, refreshing ray of light in a crowded corporate world where women often have a difficult time succeeding. She demonstrates that women CAN be successful, regardless of the arena they compete in. More importantly, they can be successful without sacrificing the morals and values they hold dear. As a speaker, she demonstrates a down-to-earth sense of humor. She truly connects with her audience and it is apparent that she speaks from the heart. I had many great comments afterward, the majority of those being : “When can we hear her again?” I highly recommend that you ask Edna to be a speaker for your group. You will be glad you did.

Geoffrey Woodham, Petroleum Engineering Manager

Hi Edna, I was moved by your talk today at the SPE Hiring Event. Thanks for sharing your personal journey that can be an inspiration to all of us.

Ivy Oubre, Strategic Sales, NCS Multistage

Edna has a relevant story to tell of her own journey towards “true” Favor and Wealth. She is a gifted presenter and teacher with programs based on Kingdom Principles. She has a contagious enthusiasm. ABSOLUTELY recommend her workshops to friends and family!

Trista Sue Kragh, Director of Ops, Bayfront Inn in Naples, Florida

The Ugly Side of Sales effectively addresses many misconceptions about the sales industry, and many will appreciate Edna’s candor in uncovering the unglorified side of the industry. I can relate to many of the problem-solving suggestions and bonus insights Edna provides, particularly her proactive approach in advising one to develop their own entrepreneur skills for deployment, all while working on the job. This is a must-read for everyone in the sales industry, regardless of how much experience one has. If you are passionate about sales, this practical book will be an imperative guide in a very competitive market as it equips you to face challenges head-on from someone who has been in the trenches.

Jeff Bain, CEO of Team Traction

Edna is a polished public speaker and trainer. I have attended her seminars and thought them to be of high value as well as entertaining and fun.

Danish Raza and Shahab Khan, Owners, Next Level Design Group

Working with Edna has been an absolute joy! She became an extension of our family. She instantly connected with our team and provided us valuable strategies and insights that gave us confidence to pursue clients that we wouldn’t normally go after. She taught us to identify our value and not sell on price. Her candor and ability to hear our story, identify our strengths, and address our weaknesses played a significant role in obtaining the business we have today.

Howard Gee, Reservoir and Production Engineer

Hi Edna – thanks for speaking at the SPE job fair. Especially as you are sharing your faith. We know that God is a sovereign God and has a purpose and plan for us. Your talk encourages us to be intentional in our search and to seek guidance. Thank you. Have a blessed day.

Anonymous responses from John Maxwell Mastermind Survey

“Through this program I learned the true meaning of leadership. After, studying the 21 laws of leadership and discussing them with like-minded individuals I learned to see different aspects and factors that contribute to leadership. This training has added great value to my skill set and will be used the rest of my life.”

“Taking this course has been a great experience. I have learned about the value of gaining different perspectives and how this can influence a decision. I feel I am a better leader by taking time to listen to others.”

“Edna’s class helped reinforce why it’s important to learn self-leadership skills, live them and lead them.”

Eric Gadin, Owner, Gekko Inc

I believe it’s a truthful perspective of being a successful sales person, a must-read for that champion salesman (or woman) to hone their skills in a grueling marketplace. Forgetting the old adage “think outside the box”—now just create your own box— is brilliant!

Dean McNeely, President BlueGrace Logistics Houston II CEO and Founder LTL Freight Center LLC

Where do you start with Edna? Articulate, smart, high integrity and always has a smile. She is the best of the best. We have used her services several times for transportation and personally as a business coach. A woman of God and an asset for any company or team…

Austin Townsend, PMP, VP – Engineering

Edna is a dynamic, creative leader in business development and marketing. She is a great asset to any company. She genuinely cares about those people she encounters both in a professional and personal setting.

Kenneth J. Williams, CEO, Divine Caregivers Inc.

As an entrepreneur, I feel the Ugly Side of Sales was written specifically for me, but it’s also a must-read for college students and young adults pursuing a career in sales as well as for sales managers/ coaches. The Ugly Side of Sales comes to life because the author breathes her real life into it by telling the truth. Her in-depth perspective paints a vivid picture of the realities versus the myths. It’s life changing, riveting, motivating, encouraging, and spiritually heartfelt—it’s the truth about the truth. Sales is not for everyone; however, every idea, product, or service has to be sold. The author discusses the importance of marketing and offers advice that will help you and your business grow successfully. As a top producer in various industries, I experienced much of what is highlighted in the first chapter. Commission structures were changed after I closed major deals, accounts were taken from me or divided between me and other account executives or I was laid off shortly after I achieved or exceeded my goals. Unfortunately, I wasn’t prepared for the heartbreak or disappointment. I wish someone would have told me or taught me these valuable lessons before I went into sales or before I started my first business. Get prepared. Read this book and thank me later!

Alex Mendieta, CEO, Professional Business Management

If you’re thinking of starting your business or taking your business to the next level, you need this book! The Ugly Side of Sales is packed with insightful information, helping you to focus on what’s important to making your business dreams a reality.

Gary Phelps, Senior Vice President

Extremely focused and ready to help with customers need. Improved work streams within the Ocean Product and was a shining star with our sales and marketing solutions.