Effective Marketing Ads

For Marketing to be effective, it must be “persuasive.” The business owner who understands how to create messages, ads and marketing collateral that follows a persuasion format can literally gain the ability to dominate their market. In order to do this effectively, let us talk about some basic marketing fundamentals.

So what is Persuasion Marketing?

Persuasion Marketing is simply organizing the buying and selling processes so you can present compelling information about your product or service that will persuade your prospects to take a specific action. All marketing should inform and persuade your prospects.  Marketing is a science that follows a very simple equation. That equation is known as the Marketing Equation which contains four basic components:

  1. Interrupt
  2. Engage
  3. Educate
  4. Offer

It’s based on one of the oldest and most durable models known because it helps business owner’s appeal to consumers’ emotional and social wants and needs.

For any type of marketing to work, it MUST do three things…

– It MUST grab the reader’s attention

– it MUST facilitate the prospect’s information gathering & decision making process

– it MUST provide a specific, low risk, easy to take action that helps them make a good decision

You must always start your ad with an Interrupting headline that is focused on the problem your prospects are having. I can’t emphasize this enough, the headline needs to address that specific hot button. Remember every prospect is always looking for the best deal. That means the most value for the price they pay. Most businesses place the name of their company as the headline and that’s the worst thing you can ever do . Your prospects don’t care what you have named your business or what you look like. Prospects only care about themselves. Then you must have a sub-headline that engages the prospect by promising them that there’s a solution to that problem. That’s the job of the headline and sub-headline. The sub-headline only “promises” a solution… it does NOT give the prospect the solution. Educate is the third component of the Marketing Equation. You must educate prospects with what it is that makes your product or service so much better than your competition.  So you can offer them a free report  which can educate prospects as to how you can provide them a solution, and perhaps show them some temporary techniques that proves that you can actually do what you says. This is where you can create a call to action for them such as completing an online form or emailing you so you can capture their contact info which eventually becomes a lead for you. The final component of the Marketing Equation is your Offer. A low risk… or better yet NO RISK offer gets prospects to take a specific action such as request more information, take a test drive, register for a free thirty day trial or similar offer. The key is to make the offer so compelling it’s irresistible. The headline, sub-headline and offer all work together as a coordinated team.