About Edna

Nice to meet you Family (Yes, I treat my clients like family)…

I am the Growth Strategist for you:

  • If you are an Entrepreneur or Business Leader who wants to partner with someone who truly understands where you are (Egypt), where you want to go (your promise land), and knows how to get there (wisdom, knowledge, and understanding) even through the wilderness (trials, setbacks, and battles)… I’m the One.

  • If you are looking for innovative ways to differentiate yourselves from your peers by honing in on your niche, creating a plan, and executing a strategy to win and grow in your life or business, I can help.

  • If you need help motivating you and/or your team and improving performance to exceed your goals, choose me.

I understand.. because I have been there. I have been tasked numerous times to set companies and myself apart in a very saturated market where competition is fierce.