Our Niche

Who We Are

Favor and Wealth is a “out of the box” growth development and training firm based in Houston, Texas that works exclusively with Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Professionals (Sales, Logistics, and Business), and Students globally to improve and transform business and personal performance utilizing Edna’s innovative Battle to Booming Programs and John Maxwell Leadership Development Programs. 

Our specialty is in Idea Generation for New Business, LEAN Business Strategies, Personalized Growth Development Programs, Financial Literacy, and Wealth Creation.

Our Vision

Empower Wholeness, Truth, and Freedom in the Marketplace by Helping the Good Guys Win in their business and life.

Our Mission

Build a solid foundation for the next generation by instilling HOPE and TRUTH on a daily basis.

Our Clients

We specialize with clients who are looking for a “create your own box” solution versus the cookie cutter “one size fits all” program. 

Wisdom Principles

  • Wealth and Wisdom runs together. 

  • Overwork makes for restless sleep.

  • And what fun is that- to be robbed in broad daylight?

  • Relationship is built on communication and Reputation is built on track record. You need both to make good deals. 

  • Sacrifice can be fun when you connect it with a reward. 

  • Invest in yourself before taxes, after taxes, and after spending. 

  • Work on your work network- leadership & advocacy, advice & management, work & results. 

  • Charity, Security, and Investment always comes first. 

  • Whatever you mismanage, you lose. It is inevitable.

  • Your job is what they pay you to do. Your work is what you were born to do. 

  • It’s not money that you lack, it’s the management of ideas that you lack. 

  • Concentrate on buying income generating assets. 

  • If you don’t put a value on something, it won’t put value on you. 

  • Whenever there is chaos, disorder, or lack of productivity- the answer is correct governance. 

  • How you Think is Everything.