Be an Entrepreneur

Regardless of what any of your bosses say, you are disposable. Even if you perform very well, there are situations where they have to get rid of the highest paid employee because of the market, so you need a Plan B. You can’t depend only on your pay- checks and commissions. Find a need in the market, see if it is something you can provide a solution to and you enjoy doing, and get an LLC.

I always had side businesses that I focus on in the evenings and during the weekends because I realized this principle that at the end of the day, no one is going to look out for you except you. Who knows? Maybe one of these side ventures takes off, and you can be self-employed and work on making your dreams come true instead of helping somebody else’s. Now it is not easy, but it is worth it.

I remember going to a National Association Professional Women event, and one of the speakers was asked to define what success means to her. She said that to her, success is when you have a choice of what you want to do when you get up in the morning. You can spend time with your family, take the day off, or work and be fine. This made me realize I had a long way to go, so I started taking action. I started doing things for myself, as well. If you ask anybody who knows my work ethic, I am not the typical employee. I go above and beyond the call of duty because my name is on it, and I want to be associated with excellence. So, I decided to take this energy and focus it on my future on my own personal time, rather than continuing to focus on my employer’s future even if I am already off the clock. Sometimes, it is okay to be selfish. Because, trust me, if upper management tells your boss to let you go, he will not even think twice. Do not take it personal. That is just how business works.